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May 2009

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colour_silks in sunflowers_sky

" Servant of Evil " video


APH sub - [ Servant of Evil ]

oh matthew... why born so kind ... ;_;

if interested... afterward Alfred takes a *bitter* revenge for Matthew in this fic:
...it's heartbreaking though ~


mediafile download:



Umm.. You know, there are some sentences flashing on the screen and it's not part of the song, and I want to know what they mean. Anyone can translate? There's also a part where there are 2 voices singing and only one was translated. Please? I'm really really curious...
hi^_^ the parts where there's double text has the lyrics of:

Even if everything in the world
(Finally the time had come)

Is to become your enemy
(The bells tolled, announcing the end)

Because I’ll protect you
(Without any regard for the public crowds)

Please keep laughing somewhere
(You said my favorite phrase)

Thanks!! There are some other sentences (not part of song lyrics) flashing briefly, though. I wish I could read kanji.... and understand them D:

You mean 3:12/:13?

After the haircut?

Alfred: We won't be together and--

Matthew: Go, Alfred.

I'm sorry.

Re: You mean 3:12/:13?

There's another one at 1:21/1:22. Just before and at the scene with the burnt photo. But it's so fast. If it's a problem to translate it it's fine.

Sorry for the trouble.. Thanks very much for translating the previous one.

Re: You mean 3:12/:13?

Oof, it's too blurry >_>;

I'd have to find it on NicoNico so I'll see if I can find it there :]

Re: You mean 3:12/:13?

you're willing to translate? thank you very very much!!! I'm really sorry for the trouble. really, you don't have to do it.


After much "asfdsfs"-ing at a blurry kanji I knew I recognized but could not remember and sifting through two kanji dictionaries (lol) here it is. Yay! \(◎o◎)/!:

From England's defeat in the American Revolution:

Alfred: "Still, you were great to an extent"

"You can't attack, idiot...." (OR: "You can't destroy me" OR: "You can't shoot at me, idiot")

Here's the part from the photo:


"Now from this very moment, I'm independent from you"

Re: 1:21/22

GOD, you're the BEST!!!! Thanks sooooooooo much!!!!! *bows*

Re: 1:21/22

Oh not a problem! Gives me a chance to learn and practice! :D when I should finish prepping this study sheet for my exam tomorrow. Hahahaha! Naw, it was fun and you're welcome! :D


I don't think it was translated, but before Matthew is shot he says:

"Right, it's hamburger time."

Aww, this MAD never fails to make me wana cry.
;A; second APH video that made me cry today.
Eh? EH? *runs off to check her copy of Aku no Ani

It's...wow. I'm glad they fit the song for these two because Aku no Ani was really made for US/UK.

M-matthew! ;w;

I love this song to bits and pieces, no matter which pairing in a MAD it's used for!
ah it's that same song used for n.italy and s.italy one... *sniff sniff* oh matthew u sweet maple.
lol, this almost had me in tears, I wasn't expecting that.

*coughs* The video itself and the fic made me all sniffly, and were good.

..I just have this thing against vocaloids.
Waaaah ;_; I want to cry...

Thanks for subbing!
Awww... I hardly ever tear up at MADs... ;; Thanks so much for subbing this!

Reminds me of what a history teacher at my school said... no matter what happens, Canada is the one country we can depend on to stay by our side :3
Awww ;D; Matthew...


That had me like "Oh snap!" at the end. Very nice MAD. (I've stumbled upon another version with this song but they weren't as moving)
*cries* I always cry watching this... So sad.... The fic to!!!

Anyone notice the half-invisible Canada blob next to the America blob right at the end?


Didn't see him until I read your comment. Probably never would've noticed him either ;_;
He's really hard to see. You've got to tilt your screen up real far...

Oh, Matt... Even as a blob you're also invisible ;_;
oh my god, I had a test this morning, but I got OBSESSED with this series (the "Aku no" series), and was watching so many... D:

so thanks. another one to watch. XD

"Aku no Musume" is SOOO scary. ;___;
that video makes me cry so badly. Ahh, Matthew, you're such a selfless person ;__;

the one line that always makes me cry is the "Let's play again in another world" line *sobs*


Excuse me while I sob uncontrollably (Not rly, but I am tearing up).
Thanks so much for posting this - I was just wondering if someone was going to do exactly this type of MAD. And there were a lot of things that fit so well - like who each character was.

Matty deserves so much freaking love, it's crazy.

Matthew ;_;



*goes in emo corner*
Aww..I really love this video ever! Poor Canada. It made me cry 5 times